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Bathing Suits - Different Styles For Women

Bathing suits or swimsuits are clothes being worn by a woman who wants to engage into certain water-based activities such as swimming, diving, water polo, surfing, sun bathing, and water skiing. However, the usual activity that swimsuits are rampant and be seen as always would be swimming. May it be at a swimming pool, a resort, or a near a public beach. One thing is for sure, women do look at their sexiest when they are soaking wet while wearing a bathing suit. With a swimsuit, a woman can show off her curves at the same time looking sizzling hot.

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Bathing clothes might be one term but this comprises more than just one specific style, there are a lot of them. Each of the style is unique and will fit perfectly for a specific body type. You cannot simply say if that particular style does look good on someone else’s body, it will look good on you when you are going to wear one. This is not the case. There will always be that one particular style which fit your body perfectly. Therefore, this is your mission to find that one particular style which will make you look like a hot chic passing by at a nearby shore.

To give you a glimpse as to the different styles of bathing suits for women, here are five of them. Click the pics for more info.

One Piece Bathing Suits: This style is sometimes known as maillot and tank suit.
This is the usual style that often seen worn by women who go to the beach.

Polka Dotted One Piece Bathing Suit
Orange One Piece SwimSuit
Pink One Piece Swimwear

Bikini Bathing Suits: This swimwear style is known as two-piece.
One of the pieces covers the woman’s breasts, and another piece covers the butt and groin.
This leaves some parts of the body like the tummy and back areas uncovered.
There are different variations of bikinis in colors and styles.

Mluti Bikini Bathing Suit
Two Piece SwimSuit
Printed Two Piece SwimSuit

Tankini Bathing Suits: This is a bathing suit style that is a bit similar to a bikini. Only that they do differ with the top.
As for the tankini, the top is as if a tank top while a bikini top looks like a bra.
There is a little space being left or a gap in between of the hips and as well as the belly button.

Polka Dotted Tankini BathingSuit
Tankini Bathing Suit
Tankini SwimSuit

Monokini Bathing Suits: This style is commonly known as topless swimsuit or unikini.
Nowadays, it’s a well-known hybrid between a one piece suit and a bikini.

Green Monokini Swimsuit
Blue Monokini Suit
Printed Monokini SwimSuit

Burqini: As for this style this is akin to what diver’s wear when they are diving. What differs the two is that the Burqini covers the entire body plus the head but the face of the woman.       

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No wonder, without having a perfect pair of swimwear, your vacation to a beach or a pool would be incomplete. After all, a dress gets you into the feel to have a gala time and enjoy to the fullest. Those days have gone when to buy a good swimwear costs you very high in terms of cost and time. However, today, in a span of few minutes you can buy for yourself the latest swimsuits. According to your taste, the suits have been classified into various categories and that is even a more convenient method. Like, so many women are not comfortable in a two-piece, so for them one-piece, monokinis are available, while bikinis have always been in trend.

Years back, when the bikini was launched, there was a huge demand for it. Even today, the heat can be seen as in movies and television; it is very common to see women wearing floral prints bikinis. In fact, in the list of sexy bathing suits, bikini is there on the top. Moreover, the youngsters of today want something unique and bikinis have always brought something different. Roaming around the beach and no cover up, means no shield and ultimately, the sunburn can attack you. In a nutshell, it is very vital on your part to carry necessary cover ups along with you if you want to protect your skin against sun burn. Indeed, you need the right swimwear not only to look sexy, but comfortable as well.

Forget those boring and regular colors, which you have been seeing and wearing since ages. Right away, check out the latest trend that is making wonders in the world of swimsuits. Make your dive in the beach refresh your mood from the stressful life and enjoy to the fullest.

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At the end of the day, what you are basically look for is that one particular style of swimsuit of which fit you the best and not just a mere cut-out without no class at all. There is nothing wrong if you dare to be different but what you need to make sure that you will be totally awesome when you wear a swimsuit that accentuates your curves and hides your flaws.

Never underestimate the power of information. Once you have an idea as to what style that does fit your body best, then you go for it. Do not dwell on the idea of wearing a two-piece bathing suit when you know you definitely look awful on them. It does not mean that when a particular style is the hot trend for the season you will wear it. You can still be looking hot this season if you wear swimsuits that are made to perfection which do make your body stand out in the middle of the crowd when you are wearing one.

One more important thing when it comes to choosing the right style for a bathing suit, make sure that it does feel good and comfortable. Also, the swimwear that you opt to wear should keep everything in places and not give you a room for a disaster or an embarrassing situation such as your breasts are exposed or your behind has not been fully covered where it does need to be covered not unless you are wearing a thong of course. Now, that you have an idea as to the various styles of bathing suits – the next thing you need to do is to shop for one.

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